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1. Consultation

First of all we need to make a clear picture about your pet’s trip, we start with the most important thing, origin and destination, expected date of departure. We also need your pet information such as pet breed, size and age, from there we will give you the details regarding all the prerequisite prior leaving. We will also inform your pet eligibility to relocate.

2. Documents & Details

You might be overwhelmed by how many paperwork to be done, but do not worry, we will help you do the paperwork, what paperwork need to be done will be informed as it is a subject to change. At this point we will also grasp a better idea of cost based on the most updated information, thus we can offer you the estimated price.

3. Booking Service

Once sorted out and you ready to move forward, we begin booking services for your pet trip, from booking flight(s), veterinary appointment, driver to pick up and deliver your pet, everything with your beloved pet’s safety in mind.

4. Move Day Management

The day to leave has come, and your pet’s journey begin. We pick up your pet and drive them to airport. We will monitor everything to ensure your pet will arrive at the destination smoothly. We also notify you regarding any unexpected problem, such as flight delay and keep updating until they arrived safely.

5. Arrival and Delivery

In most cases when your pet arrived at the destination, they will be put in quarantine, the duration may vary from 1-5 days. We will notify you when they arrived and estimated time they spent in quarantine.
Finally, when your pet given a green light to go, we pick your pet from the quarantine and deliver it to you.

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